About Nora basalt

Nora Basalt is a volcanic-type igneous rock that originates following the consolidation of molten material, which is magma, emitted through volcanic eruptions of low or very low explosive activity, on the Earth’s surface, forming the basaltic rock.

Nora Basalt is an incredibly beautiful stone found in nature with a wide variety of shades, mainly light grey and ashy in color.

It is one of the rocks with the highest resistance to weathering and remains intact over geological time. Any temperature changes do not alter its characteristics in any way.

It resists both alkalis and acids; it has intermediate porosity values, low water absorption, even under high temperature and high humidity conditions.

Nora Basalt is compact, with an apparent density between 2.72 and 2.77 g/cm3 and with high compressive strength values, over 140 MPa, and flexural strength values above 22 MPa, ensuring performance superior to most stone materials.

It performs excellently in the presence of salts and ice.

Nora Basalt is one of the few basalts in the world that can be used in large formats.

Another characteristic of Nora Basalt is its excellent toughness, superior to that of porphyries, diorites, quartzites, granites and syenites, siliceous and non-siliceous sandstones, limestones, and dolomites. Furthermore, it offers good resistance to wear due to sliding friction and excellent slip resistance even in the case of unpolished basalt.

In conclusion, the compositional characteristics make Nora Basalt a very resistant rock from the point of view of chemical-physical alteration and for this reason, it has considerable potential for greater use in architectural works such as landscaping, waterfront road paving and historic centers, in private works, and contemporary architecture buildings including ventilated facades.

Since ancient times, Nora Basalt was primarily used as a stone material in the construction of tombs, monuments, and places of worship, and today it continues to be considered as the stone material par excellence, while the use of more easily degradable materials with lower resistance characteristics than basalt have been abandoned and replaced. Basalt is a form of culture that emerges over millennia and individual centuries, in the architectures that have succeeded each other up to the present day.

Currently, Nora Basalt is abundantly used for works of international importance such as exterior cladding for modern buildings of contemporary architecture and in the use of road and wall cladding outdoors even near the sea and in very cold areas thanks to good salt and frost resistance.

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