Palermo Marina Yachting (Trapezoidal Pier)

The Palermo Marina Yachting project, also known as the former trapezoidal pier, began in 2021 under the guidance of Architect Sebastiano Provenzano and Engineer Enrico Petralia, both representatives of the Port Authority. The initial challenge was to select a natural stone suitable for this ambitious project.


The Challenge of Material Selection

After a rigorous creative process focusing on functionality, load-bearing resistance in a marine environment, and aesthetics, the choice fell on Nora Basalt, an Italian basalt with unique characteristics. This choice was not random but the result of thorough evaluations.

Nora Basalt: A Geological Treasure

Nora Basalt is a volcanic rock formation about 3 million years old. This stone conforms to stringent technical and physical standards that make it suitable for use in external works in a marine environment. Its volcanic origin gives Nora Basalt extraordinary hardness and resistance, making it ideal for projects like Palermo Marina Yachting.

Aesthetic of Nora Basalt

In addition to its resilience, Nora Basalt also boasts exceptional aesthetic beauty. The gray of Nora Basalt perfectly adapts to the marine environment, giving the project a touch of elegance and a unique style. The gray shades of the stone harmonize beautifully with the surrounding sea, creating a visually captivating combination.

Nora Basalt in the Project

Today, the gray of Nora Basalt covers an area of over 15,000 square meters. The stone has been arranged in slabs of 20 cm width with decreasing lengths, creating a distinctive floor along the waterfront. This choice was not only aesthetic but also practical, as Nora Basalt is known for its durability and ability to withstand challenges posed by the presence of sea salt and load-bearing wear.

Architectural Elements

Nora Basalt was used not only for the flooring but also for other key components of the project. About 2,000 square meters of ventilated walls are clad in this natural stone, adding a sophisticated and elegant touch to the entire complex. Additionally, over 1 kilometer of bevelled curbs was created for the brim of the enormous fountain, which is the largest musical tone fountain in Europe. Nora Basalt’s ability to withstand the action of saltwater makes it an ideal material for these applications.

The Synthesis of Functionality and Aesthetics

Nora Basalt is not just an aesthetic choice but also functional. This natural stone was carefully selected to ensure that the Palermo Marina Yachting project could withstand the unique challenges posed by the marine environment while maintaining an elegant and sophisticated appearance.


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